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Cuba – A Getaway that you will Treasure Forever

Cuba is considered as the most populous and largest island in Caribbean. Although the country has dark pasts, Cubans are trying to erase them by boosting their tourism industry. Aside from its friendly nature and sizzling music scene, you have a destination that can both meet and surpass all the expectations that you may have. If you are planning to have a Cuba vacation, here are some suggestions of what you can do in the country.

Stroll the Legendary Malecon

Cuba.Habana.Malecon.01Malecon is located along the seaside and known as one of the most famous tourist spots in Cuba. It was built in the 1990s and the pedestrian walkway features 6 lanes of the most important roadway in the city. During your Cuba vacation, you can watch the parade of special festivals or enjoy the sunset in Malecon. Taking a stroll around the area must be included in your list of things to do and a particular interest is the stretch of Central Havana with its remarkable buildings.

Visit Old Havana

cuba-old-havanaOld Havana is also known as La Habana Vieja for Cubans and the place is considered as a magnet of tourists. This is because of the distinct colonial-era structures such as old churches and mansions which are a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. You can also find some of the most patronized and best Havana hotels in here. As part of your Cuba getaway, you can either take a cultural tour with the help of a tourist guide or you can discover the area on your own.


Catch an Original and Live Music Performance

Your Cuba adventure is not complete if you did not experience the music of Cubans. Their music is described as innovative, original and typical which takes a lot of influence from Afro-Cuban roots. You can go to music houses or night clubs and dance to Cuban jazz or live salsa. In addition, many cities such as Santiago de Cuba and Havana offer performances in public plazas for free. Seeing any kind of live music performance is certainly a highly recommended thing to do in your Cuba vacation.

Explore the Caribbean Coastline

Cuba has more than 3,000 miles coastline to explore and boast some of the most immaculate beaches in the world such as Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco and Varadero. You can enjoy doing several watersports, soak in clear, refreshing Caribbean waters, feel the warmth of the sun or just simply relax your mind and body. To make your Cuba holiday more convenient, you can inquire at any travel agency and ask for help about tours.


Explore the Beauty of Bellamar Caves

a416Do not end your Cuba vacation without letting the Bellamar Caves blow your mind away. You can find amazing underground ponds and rivers, rich crystal structures and indigenous symbols. In reality, no words can sufficiently explain the caves because you need to see it for yourself to believe.

Moreover, vibrant waterfalls and rainforests, impressive mountain ranges, lavish green hills and rich culture can all be found during your Cuba exploration. Indeed, the island can fairly claim that it is one of the most unique tourist destinations in the world.

For a reference map of Havana & Cuba West, click on here.You can find a reference map of Cuba here.