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Top 5 Backpacking Tours and Activities in Cusco, Peru

White-water Rafting:

Rafting the most hardcore severe activities you can encounter. You’ll find nothing such as the dash you get while going down a river in a tiny plastic vessel, while stones, waves and channels throws you back and forth really high-speed. All though it may look rather scary and dangerous, the guide within both has actually great control of the vessel plus security. However, you can’t expect to remain dried out! encounter an unforgettable day rafting within the amount 4 and 5 (of maximum 5) rivers in Cusco


Inca Trail:

Hiking the Inca trail has become the best tour for backpackers in South America. The a few day trek within the Alps will need you to definitely some of the best nature and Inca damages in Peru. The trek finishes with outstanding finish; Machu Picchu. Even though the trek can be tiring, this is however the suitable solution to develop your expectations for Machu Picchu. During the trek you’ll also have guides which will guide, cook and help your baggage. Cannot overlook the most famous treks in the world!



A bungee jump is by many considered the scariest thing you can do, far even worse than both sky-diving and paragliding. Cusco’s own Bungee jump is among the top 5 greatest bungees in the usa. The Bungee is 122 yards large, based in an attractive valley simply 10 minutes away from Cusco. Aside from the Bungee, they also have a world-first bungee jump called “The Superman”. Now, you will be kept strapped into the floor even though the elastic is gradually tightened if your wanting to lose in an insane speed up in the air! The Bungees in Cusco is crucial take to for anybody Backpacking South America!



Renting a motorbike is among the most useful how to explore Cusco together with valleys around. Take a ride from the freeway and have the freedom of a motorbike whilst you bypass into the famous Inca damages; Pisac, Urubamba and so many more. Don’t possess a license? Don’t worry. It is Peru, permit aren’t needed. However, riding a motor-bike can be dangerous, especially from the Peruvian roads! Follow typical traffic rules and opt for an individual who knows how to drive a bike! You can even hire guides to choose the whole day!



Cusco is among the most useful celebration places in every of South America. Hostels are crazy, night clubs are crazy and people are crazy! The night time groups are available each night plus don’t near through to the morning hours hours.

Your competition between your night clubs are severe, so be sure to pick up one or more of various free beverages that you are provided outside in the main square. During a pub crawl it is possible to pick up 10-12 free beverages each night.

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