Antigua/Dominica Travel Reference Map


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Scale: 1:35,000/1:50,000

This is a vastly improved map of Antigua. When we first published this title, the digital data was state-of-the-art. Fortunately, advances in digital data base activity can now provide dramatically better mapping information, strengthening this title. The map also includes insets of St. John s (the capital) and of the famous Nelson s Dockyard at English Harbour. Inset maps of St. Barthelemy Island and Sint Maarten (Dutch)/Saint-Martin (French) and of tiny Barbuda are included. Side 2 reproduces our map of Dominica. This is the same map published as Dominica/St. Lucia and is provided here simply to improve marketing. The Caribbean islands are steadily improving ferry connections between the islands, so we are increasingly showing more than one island entity on each published map (this one shows five different island countries). The map also has two covers, so can be marketed either Antigua side outwards or Dominica side outwards.

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