Caribbean 3-Pack Travel Reference Maps (Bahamas/Trinidad & Tobago/Virgin Islands)

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Package of 3 Maps of the Caribbean area.  All are printed on waterproof paper.

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Scale – Bahamas: 1:500,000; Trinidad & Tobago: 1:150,000; Virgin Islands: 1:50,000

This is another ITMB bundled product, offering a number of map products in one bundle, contained in a plastic zip-lock bag. We have placed three Caribbean island country maps into one bundle Bahamas, Trinidad/Tobago, and British/US Virgin Islands, all offered for a bargain price – get 3 maps for the price of two. Due to the deep discounts inherent in such an offer, this Map Pack is not returnable. The maps are all current editions.

This is actually a brand new map for ITMB, being completely new artwork. The Bahamas is one of the most touristic Caribbean island countries, with huge resort complexes in Nassau and in Freeport. ITMB visited Grand Bahama Island and can attest to the friendliness of the people and the attractiveness of the island. This map shows all of the many islands that comprise The Bahamas. There isn’t a lot of contouring, as the country’s highest point is only 36 feet above sea level. An inset map expanding the island of New Providence, and separate inset maps of Nassau and of Freeport, are included. The map is double-sided, east half-west half.

Trinidad & Tobago Travel Reference Map. Trinidad has a chequered history. First ‘discovered’ by Columbus, and named Holy Trinity, its inhabitants were fairly quickly deported as slaves to work in Spanish colonies elsewhere. Sir Walter Raleigh, who was little more than a pirate in spite of later saving England from the Spanish Armada, sacked the only Spanish settlement in 1595. Britain captured the island in 1797, adding Tobago to its administration in 1889. The country’s two claims to fame are the largest Carnival street festival in the world, and having the world’s largest lake of boiling asphalt. Tobago has an amazing history, having changed colonial masters 30 times in a century, as Britain, France, and Spain competed for dominance in the Caribbean. Nowadays, both islands are tourist havens, with delightful caves to explore on Trinidad and scuba diving on Tobago.

Virgin Islands Travel Reference Map 3rd Ed. This is also brand new artwork and has been digitally prepared from GIS data, so is extremely precise in its portrayal of physical features. This version covers both the British and the American land masses that comprise the Virgins. The US Virgins were purchased from Denmark in 1917 and is a sophisticated American Caribbean enclave. The British Virgins are accessible by ferry and reek of quiet colonial architecture and lifestyle. Named after Queen Elizabeth the First, the network of islands has a colourful history which we have enhanced in a series of topical capsule comments. The more populated island of St. Croix includes an elaborate myriad of roads and inset maps of Christiansted and Frederiksted. The St. Thomas island portion includes detailed insets of Charlotte Amalie and Cruz Bay on St. Johns. The other side of the sheet covers the BVI region; less populated and oh so very British. This map includes an inset of the town showing all the major buildings and nothing has changed since ITMB was there fifteen years ago. The map also includes an inset of The Valley, the only town on Virgin Gorda and, I’m sure, the only map ever published of that small settlement.

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