Cayman Islands and Jamaica Travel Map


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Scale: 1:37,500/1:250,000

We are pleased to announce the latest new Caribbean map to our growing series. The Caymans, for there are three major islands and numerous little shoals, remains a British colony, like the British Virgin Islands, the Turks and Caicos, and Bermuda. Tourism is the number one industry of the Cayman Islands, with dozens of hotels dotting the beach fronts, especially north of George Town. There are numerous dive sites for viewing tropical fish and we have shown about a hundred on the map, as well as every side street and gas station. One interesting place to visit is Hell, which is a frozen lava eruption at the north end of Grand Island that looks like, well, hell. The reverse side of the map includes a basic map of Jamaica and Kingston.

This is a double sided map. The reverse side of the map includes a basic map of Jamaica and Kingston. This side shows a map of Jamaica using elevation tinting and spot heights to show the general relief. Reefs and marsh areas, National parks are marked. Road information includes secondary roads, and some petrol stations. Included are railways, airports and airfields. Symbols indicate beaches, selected hotels, golf courses, sugar estates and points of interest. Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 15′ intervals. The map is indexed and includes a road distance chart.


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