Panama Travel Reference Map


Waterproof (printed on polymer), detailed, and highly useful.

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Panama is a very popular tourist travel destination, as must be evident by the fact that ITMB is already into their seventh edition. The map has been updated to show current road realities, but improvements are taking place all the time and it is impossible to keep information current for long. There is still no sign that the Pan-American Highway will be extended south of Yaviza any time soon, and ITMB has removed the track to Colombia, as it is apparently unusable and dangerous. The only way to by-pass the Darien Gap remains a ship to either Venezuela or Colombia. Regardless, Panama as a country offers so much that one scarcely notices. As in the past, this map is printed on plastic paper (waterproof paper).
Scale – 1:300,000
The Map size is 27” x 39”
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