South America Atlas

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Scale: 1:3,000,000

This Pocket Atlas of South America is unique! ALL of the continent of South America is now available in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use, easy-to-store road atlas at a superb scale. In addition to showing each country systematically, logically, and in great detail, physical features, points of interest, beaches, reefs, parks and reserves, major airports, and roads are shown. This atlas is 112 pages in length, is fully indexed, and has a hard card cover, and a spine. The advantage of this book format is that visitors to more than one country can save money and gain ease of use through a conveniently-sized and attractively presented book format. There is nothing equivalent to this in the world! This road atlas of South America extends from Panama to Tierra del Fuego (southern Argentina) through Peru and Chile. Roads, points of interest and national parks listed. Terrain mapping and index of cities included.

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