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Why is Punta Cana So Popular?

Punta Cana, situated on the east coast of Dominican Republic, happens to be globally distinguished as an attractive tropical vacation utopia with luxurious, eco-chic, value-priced, accommodations. The Punta Cana coast, which stretches for about 39 kilometers from Bavaro inside north to Cap Cana inside south, there is certainly one easily recognizable event that were held in 1984 that changed literally every thing and entirely changed this region into the mega-popular tourist location it really is today.

Punta Cana is completely gorgeous. It gives expansive silky white sandy beaches with a hot gleaming blue ocean lapping along its shoreline. It is so welcoming it calls you in – some say it also “seduces” you. Whenever you increase that the dense grove of coconut-palm woods swaying inside tropical snap over the whole coast in this region, there is the iconic Caribbean utopia seen on post-cards provided for those home who had beenn’t fortunate to go on the journey but who’ll surely desire that they had.

But before 1984 few people really knew about that tropical jewel. It remained mainly undiscovered by many world people before the construction of Punta Cana airport terminal (PUJ). In Spanish, the official language of Dominican Republic, this airport terminal is named, “Aeropuerto Internacional de Punta Cana.”

The thing is, no matter what dazzling a location is, for those who have no convenient and inexpensive solution to attain the area, it won’t be observed by many people individuals. Ahead of the Punta Cana airport terminal had been built, the tiny environment strip that had been integrated 1971 cannot handle the large dimensions jet planes. In addition, in order to get here from a different country, you had to fly into Santa Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic, and endure a 4 hour rough bus or taxi trip to Punta Cana. The unpaved roadway had been thin and high in gigantic potholes. The street would additionally wash-out in hefty rains and motorized automobiles had been occasionally held up by horse traffic, making the speed unhappy for weary people attempting to arrive at their resort.

Air traffic of PUJ has grown by leaps and bounds and it is on course this present year to offer above 4 million individuals! It today obtains far more traffic compared to the after that busiest airport inside capital of Santo Dominigo. There’s no various other privately funded airport in the world that also comes near this amount of company success.

Folks arrived at Punta Cana from all over the world today. Global air companies that offer the Punta Cana Airport tend to be Air Canada, AirTran, American Airlines, British Airways, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, KLM, Spirit, United, United States Airways, and Westjet. United States Of America 300, recently defunct (since January 30, 2012), had been established by Apple Vacations and served PUJ for a long time as well. Canadian charter air companies into Punta Cana Airport include Air Transat, Sunwig, Skyservice, and Canjet. They operate through the cool bleak Canadian winters.

Therefore, a location that started with really simple beginnings about 4 decades ago, today generally provides bedrooms for more than 70,000 individuals at one time. Punta Cana has seriously established itself among the top places world people consider going. And there’s no end in picture the development of this location. The approximately 39 mile Punta Cana coast has basically been a “gold rush” the major resort corporations, particularly the Spanish owned ones, because the location had been exposed by the airport terminal. Classy high-rise resorts, completely sited to take advantage of the view, have sprung up very nearly instantly. The infrastructure has additionally vastly improved as cash for huge projects has poured in.

The Europeans and Canadians appeared to have “discovered” Punta Cana ahead of the United States people. But during the last 20 years, the people in the US have been rapidly catching up. People from the US and Canada inside Eastern traditional Time Zone can depart on a direct journey each day and arrive in Punta Cana by mid-day without any jet lag given that time areas are the same, except during sunlight cost savings time when it is just one hour various. Even a trip from west coast of USA or Canada is a relatively simple journey when you compare it to other similarly exotic spots.

The Punta Cana Airport additionally fits in well, aided by the Dominican landscape, and tends to make a great first impression when tourists enter the country. It offers an open-air design with a picturesque thatched roofing manufactured from palm fronds. All the products used to build the airport had been earned from regional resources including palm, regional timber, and native red coral. This was a really deliberate effort by Frank Rainieri and various other people in Grupo Punta Cana whom privately financed the airport. Given that they had been under-funded for a project of this magnitude, Frank Rainieri approached a Dominican architecture major at Pratt University. He agreed to do so at no charge to establish a name for himself. He’s since become very popular and contains been compensated well for other projects inside Dominican Republic.

Initially, Grupo Punta Cana experimented with obtaining the Dominican Republic government to invest in, or at least partly fund, the building of the airport terminal but after 8 years they discovered that they had to invest in it privately totally on their own. They must have been paid for persistence because a privately funded airport of this magnitude had never ever been built before. They performed with the much needed approval and cooperation of Dominican Republic government though or perhaps the task will have never ever gotten off the ground.

Therefore, the tourism success of the Punta Cana coast hinged on one thing: creating a worldwide airport with the capacity of giving tourists simple and inexpensive usage of this stunning utopia. It took amazing eyesight and perseverance.

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