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Beaches Vistas and More at Jericoacoara Brazil

KitesurfingWindsurfingSailingCauipeCumbucoJericoacoara-5lA hub for kitesurfing and windsurfing in Ceara, Brazil – Jericoacoara is emerging as a popular free spirited attraction in the country. About 300 kilometers from Fortaleza, this small fishing village is fondly called Jeri by locals and repeat visitors.

Jeri’s idyllic setting characterized by lagoons, sand dunes, palm trees and mangrove swamps, is one of the main reasons travelers tend to stay longer than expected. It is a kind of place that exudes a freedom from modern complexities and chaos. At Jericoacoara, you don’t have to deal with traffic jams and screaming sirens and lineups. The street are paved not with cement but sand.

To protect the natural beauty of Jericoacoara and prevent it from being a concrete resort, the village has been awarded the national park status. This designation limits and restricts the development and building of commercial establishments. Life moves slow at Jeri, so it is easy to just throw your worries away and relax. Indeed, expansive sandy beaches take the spotlight here. In fact, Jericoacoara Beach is often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The beach is wide, flat and shallow, which is perfect for kids, but it may be too shallow for adults.

There are also many spots where you can enjoy hiking and cycling at Jeri, if you want to stay active. The wind and wave conditions make it possible for anyone to enjoy surfing, windsurfing and kiteboarding almost any time of the year. But you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy these water-based activities. In fact, Jericoacoara is the perfect place to learn these water sports.

Jericoacoara_attr_3Pedra Furada or Arched Rock is another symbol landmark in Jericoacoara that offers stunning vistas of the surrounding region. If you walk east from Jeri, along the shoreline, you will encounter Malhada Beach, which is a popular surfing beach. When it’s high tide, you will need to take the path along Serrote hill. If you do not want to walk by yourself, there are guided hikes that you can sign up for through the hostels. From Jeri, consider arranging a day trip to Lagoa Azul, an amazing freshwater lagoon that is fortunately still accessible.

sunsetjericoacoaraAnother low-key yet rewarding activity to consider is to walk up the large Sunset Dune also called “Por-do-Sol” dune. The dune is called as this because of the scenery that will unfold before your eyes once you’re up the dune in time for the sunset. While here, you can watch how the sun changes the color of the sky, and how it seemingly sinks into the Atlantic Ocean.

by_nightThere are no street lights in Jericoacoara but don’t let that stop you from hanging out with the locals and practicing your Portuguese. Just don’t forget to bring a small flashlight with you to help see things on a moonless night. If you go to a bar, restaurant or musical venue, you may be able to catch performers dancing the traditional forro.

Because Jericoacoara is in a remote location, you need patience to get here. The village is on the northeast coast of Brazil, in the state of Ceara. The closest international airport to Jeri is Pinto Martins in Fortaleza. From here, you will have to travel seven hours by bus or six hours by car, but you will find the journey well worth it if peace and relaxing on beautiful beaches is on your agenda!