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Panama Canal Weather – Best and Worst Months to Go

Panama Canal weather condition is a significant aspect in determining when to just take a cruise through this popular Central American destination.

The key reason boils down to at least one term — rainfall.

Panama Canal cruises frequently embark from harbors on both western and east coasts for the usa.

Anybody leaving from an eastern interface including Miami or Fort Lauderdale will usually visit several locations in the Caribbean before entering the canal at Colon, drifting through country side to Panama City and traveling up the western coasts of Central The United States, Mexico plus the U.S. until reaching the end for the trip in places including north park before traveling residence.

People leaving from west shore for the U.S. will simply do the reverse, even though they are more inclined to visit extra locations on western coasts of Mexico and Central The united states than such a thing in the Caribbean.


Panama obtains extensively differing rainfall patterns despite the fact that it’s a little smaller than their state of South Carolina.

Panama City typically obtains light rainfall from January through April with an average ranging between one and three inches four weeks, based on the World climate Organization.

Rainfall sees dramatically in-may using the total achieving to nine inches normally through August.

It exceeds 10 inches in September and peaks at 13 inches in October before dropping to 10 inches in November.

It rains typically 20 times in October.

The Caribbean shore for the country is a lot less predictable with rainfall surpassing 22 inches in Bocas Del Torro during December — equivalent thirty days when Panama City averages only four inches.

January, March and could have less rainfall normally than other months.

Hence, the normal Panama Canal cruise takes place only specific months of the season, including March.


Conditions are a lot more predictable.

Panama City averages in the reduced to mid 90s Fahrenheit through the day year round.

The typical lows have been in the mid to top 60s most months.

The east shore is a little cooler with typical highs in the top 90s and typical lows hovering around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.



The Panama Canal cruise period frequently lasts from October through April.

But the most useful months going are December and soon after. A cruise in October or November has a greater possibility of hefty rains.

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